Pairing Beer with Atmosphere

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing local Cicerone Zach Rosen for about a year or so now. On top of being a fun drinking partner, he’s ridiculously knowledgeable about beer. I know a good deal about the drink, but it’s always fun to hang with people who put my knowledge to shame. That’s true 99% of the time I meet a brewer or I hang out with some of the beererati around Santa Barbara.

Tonight, Zach is bringing his beer wisdom to the Fishbon Pescadrome in the Funk Zone for “Scratch & Sniff: An Exploratorium of Beer Flavor.” I will post the description below:

“Beer specialist Zach Rosen will host an evening around the topic of beer and atmosphere pairing. Come learn how the ambiance of an environment can be crafted to the tastes, aromas and imagery of a beer. This presentation will explore how these concepts can be applied and used in the construction of art installations that explore the sensory experience of a brew. And of course Zach will be bringing beer. Telegraph Brewing’s White Ale will be served alongside the “The Witbier Chair.” This installation is designed to put the drinker in the seat of a witbier’s flavor.”

To be honest, I have no idea what any of this really means, but it sounds fascinating. I plan on showing up to figure it out – I will just have to catch the Lakers on DVR.


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