Firestone-Walker Hints at Release of Velvet Merkin


You know that Oatmeal Stout you love, Velvet Merlin? Well, it’s daddy, Velvet Merkin, is finally making it out in bottles. This news comes via a Facebook post from Firestone-Walker suggesting that the beer will be released at the brewery’s Barrelworks facility in Buellton on September 14. The full post showed the above picture and then had a caption of “9.14.13 We’ll see you at Barrelworks.”

I’m going to get more info on this beer and give it out to you – but my assumption right now is that this is the same beer that’s been on tap at the brewery and tap room in Buellton for some time now. If that’s the case, and I will correct this if I’m wrong*, then I believe it’s the beer that is fully fermented in Firestone’s signature Union Barrel system that gives beers like Unfiltered Double Barrel Ale (and even regular DBA to some extent) the oaky characteristics that set it apart from the world of English Pale Ales currently available in the States.

The issue in the past was label-related (look up Merkin and you’ll be able to guess why) as far as I’ve ever been told, but apparently that’s no longer a concern. More info coming when I get it.

*This is all based on my memory, which is usually pretty good but also involves a lot of beer drinking, so it’s quite possible some facts could be slightly off. Like I said, I will confirm or correct this once I get more info.


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