New Website, New Beer for Pure Order

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I won’t try to deny my excitement for the upcoming opening of Pure Order Brewing Co. in Santa Barbara’s SoCo* (South of Cota) Neighborhood. According to the brewery’s twitter, it’s still looking like it will be sometime in September – fingers crossed.

In the meantime, take a look at the brewery’s website. It’s a big upgrade from what they started with and what I found a month or two ago when I first heard about them. But that’s not the point – what’s really exciting is the “The Beers” section. Looks like a few interesting options – especially the Santa Barbara Common Ale. What makes this beer interesting to me is that it sounds like it will be a California Common style beer (the most popular example of this beer is Anchor Steam, which trademarked the name “Steam”). The reason this is exciting because Telegraph Brewing Co. also uses an interpretation of the California Common style beer as its flagship – California Ale**. Will this style come to represent the Santa Barbara area as a whole?

I certainly wouldn’t mind – it’s one of my favorite styles out there. Take heed SB Brewing Company and The Brewhouse, time for you to make a California Common!

* I first heard SoCo from Telegraph owner Brian Thompson. I was trying to figure out what to call the light manufacturing zone east of the Funk Zone, and he said that was one thing he had heard it called. It’s not very Santa Barbara to abbreviate neighborhoods like that so maybe we should start calling it Brewer’s Row – or something along those lines.

** Telegraph’s California Ale is an interpretation of the California Common style. Since Telegraph uses a unique Belgian strain for its beers, it isn’t fermented with the signature lager yeast that creates the California Common beer, but in spirit the two are very closely related.


2 thoughts on “New Website, New Beer for Pure Order

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