Valley Brewers + Fig. Mountain Homebrew Competition and Festival

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I received an email this morning from Sandy and Chris, the proprietors of Valley Brewers Homebrew and Winemaking Supply regarding an upcoming competition and festival. Further details can be found here at the event’s website, but here are some of the basics. I will also be discussing this prominently in my column in the News Press, which will run on Oct. 3 – so keep your eyes out for that.

Homebrew Competition Details:

– $6 Entry Fee + $4 for subsequent entries
– Bring two bottles of each entry

– Entries can be mailed in or dropped off at Valley Brewers between Sept. 20 and Sept. 27

– The winner will have his or her beer brewed professionally at the Figueroa Mountain Brewery.


Festival Details

– $40 gets you one 13 oz tasting mug, one pour of Figueroa Mountain beer, one food ticket, and three pours of Valley Brewers beer.

– The Best in Show beers of the homebrew competition will be judged at the festival.


3 thoughts on “Valley Brewers + Fig. Mountain Homebrew Competition and Festival

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