Figueroa Mountain Anniversary Party

fig moutnain

Figueroa Mountain Brewing Company will be celebrating the third anniversary of the Buellton brewery on Saturday, November 30.

There’s going to be live music and beer, and even a shuttle from the Santa Barbara location to the main facility to the north, but the real draw will, of course, be the beer. recent GABF champion Brewmaster AJ Stoll and his brewing team have created a gorgeous beer for the occasion that will be available in bottles and on tap at both locations. The beer is a bourbon barrel-aged Imperial Stout that spent time in Cutler Artisan Spirits 33 Whiskey barrels. The beer in the barrels picked up a lovely charred characteristic as well as a distinctly bourbon character (think a touch of alcohol heat, vanilla and just a tiny bit of butterscotch – in a good way).

Fig Mountain brewmaster AJ Stoll checks samples of the 3rd Anniversary beer direct from Cutler's Artisan Spirits barrels.

Fig Mountain brewmaster AJ Stoll checks samples of the 3rd Anniversary beer direct from Cutler’s Artisan Spirits barrels.

The barrel-aged version was then blended with a non barrel-aged version of the same beer to cut back on some of the heat and make it more drinkable (brewmaster AJ Stoll deemed the 100% barrel-aged version to be completely undrinkable, although I thought it was a rather fun beer. Then again, I’m probably not like the average beer drinker). Blending trials resulted in a decision to blend the beer as a 70-30 blend – with 70% of the beer spending time in bourbon barrels (this ratio may have changed after the trials, as Stoll had the final say).

There will be a lot more on this and other exciting projects at Fig Mountain in my December column in the News Press, so be sure to keep an eye out for that.

-Sean Lewis


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