Blue Point sells out?


Sensationalist headline alert! Alright, apologies for that but if you haven’t heard the news yet, maybe read this first.

Then go back and read my profile of them for BeerAdvocate Magazine.

Since you’ve had enough reading, I’ll leave my response to this tricky subject easy – it was inevitable. Not that Blue Point would sell to Anheuser-Busch, but that some craft brewer would. Guess what, so will others. And guess what, they will push the same standard line that it is an opportunity to reach more customers and ensure the success over the brand for a long time.

I think we all know that’s silly though.

Say what you will about Mel Gibson (no, really – feel free to say what you will in the comments section), but he had a great line in that movie, Conspiracy Theory (He also had a great line in Braveheart: FREEEEEEDOOOOOOMMMMMM) and it goes something like this.

“Why? The same old why!”

He’s talking about money. Or maybe that was Matt Damon in Rounders. I don’t know. It really doesn’t matter. What does matter is that Blue Point’s invested partners likely made a whole lot of money. Terms may not be disclosed, but we can bet it’s more than a few hundred thousand dollars. For that matter, it’s likely more than a few million dollars.

How will it impact Blue Point’s beers? How should I know? I’m a journalist, I just report news – I don’t make it up (that’s what television journalists are for). Time will certainly tell.

This is also the point where I remind you that while a locally-owned business has its customers and community to think of, a global conglomerate such as AB-InBev has its shareholders to think of. What that means for Blue Point, or Goose Island which was bought out several years ago, remains to be seen.

But if you just want to know, I’m sure there’s a forum bursting at the seams by now just waiting for your input. And if you want someone snarkier than me to answer – just check with Jeremy Danner, again. Or – maybe Blue Point co-founders Mark Buford and Peter Cotter will have a better answer for you. After all, they’re the ones who posted in April, 2011 that they’d be selling out to MillerCoors as an April Fools Prank. (Good luck finding that post by the way, as it has sense been removed)

Jokes on us, I guess.


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