First Taste: Pure Order Brewing’s Crooked Neck Hef + Return of King Saaz

photo 3

It couldn’t be helped. As soon as I saw a Facebook post from the guys at Pure Order saying they kegged their first batch, I had to come in for a taste. It was a pleasant sneak preview of the beer they will debut at the Beer Garden event this Saturday.

As seen above, Dave Burge was nice enough to pour me a pint of Pure Order’s Crooked Neck Hefeweizen. Named after the late crooked necked giraffe at the Santa Barbara Zoo (rest in peace, Gemina), Crooked Neck is an American Hefeweizen with a classic banana aroma and a nice wheat backbone to shore it up. This batch clocked in at about 5.1% ABV.


Over at Santa Barbara Brewing Company, King Saaz is back on tap. The first batch was one of my favorite beers in town, and this second iteration is a great follow-up. It has the hop punch of a Double IPA (or a big IPA these days, really) but without that strong caramel background that tends to get in the way (in my opinion – I know you hopheads might disagree with me). It’s a good to great example of Imperial Pilsner – a style that there isn’t a lot of for now.

Brewer Kevin Pratt also said that this is one of the beers he will be entering into this year’s World Beer Cup. It is my understanding that Pure Order will enter the World Beer Cup as well, and we will have updates on that here when they are available.


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