Mark Your Calendars – Events with Valley Brewers


First up, The Hop Tarts are releasing Hop Tarts Saison, brewed at Pure Order Brewing Company, on April 26. I’ve tasted this beer out of the fermentor and I like where it’s headed. The beer will be on tap at Pure Order Brewing Company as well as Santa Barbara Brewing Company and will likely show up a few other places as well.


Along those lines, Root 246 and the Valley Brewers (whose co-owner, Sandy Harrison, is one of the founders of the Hop Tarts) have teamed up again for a beer dinner. This time, it will be a pairing of cigars and beer with none other than Dr. Bill Sysak.


If you don’t know Dr. Bill, he’s a Stone Brewing Co. employee, but more importantly he’s a highly-knowledgeable collector and master pairer. He’s brilliant, but not a doctor — that’s just his nickname.

Valley Brewers has some more in the works, but it’s not quite ready for print yet so that will be brought to you when it’s ready.

Here in town, don’t forget to request time off July 7 – July 13 for the first-ever Santa Barbara Beer Week. SB Sentinel beer columnist Zach Rosen and myself are teaming together to bring the American Riviera the beer week it deserves. Stay tuned for more information, as the events are just now starting to show up.


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