Discounted tickets for Hoptopia this Saturday!

The following is a press release from Brew Reverie, LLC.

I should note that ticket prices have been lowered to $55, and you can get an additional $10 off with the promo cod: INDY

Tickets can be purchased here:


Hoptopia Beer Festival to be held at Carrillo Recreation Center

On Saturday June 28, from 4:00 – 8:00 pm, Hoptopia Beer Festival will be held at Carrillo Recreation Center. Hoptopia is an experience that combines hoppy beers with food pairings, comedy, art, and hop education. This festival will feature nine craft breweries who will be pouring a range of hoppy beers that exhibit the versatility of the hop character in beer. Proceeds from the event will go to Fishbon, a 501(c)3 organization, that provides a forum, education and support for creative collaboration and the arts in Santa Barbara.

Hoptopia is being hosted by Brew Reverie LLC, an events company that promotes beer festivals, provides education opportunities in beer and brewing, and explores the sensory effect of different beers paired with a variety of visual, olfactory, auditory, gustatory, and tactile stimuli. For their premiere event, Brew Reverie LLC, has selected the 100-year old Carrillo Recreation Center in which to create Hoptopia. This antique building features multiple rooms and each one will be transformed for the event with its own name and theme.

The Hop Hall will be held in the main ballroom and will host the majority of the brewers. In addition to breweries’ normal hop-forward beers, many of the participants will be bringing special “dry hopped” versions of their beers that showcase a specific hop character. There will also be performances by comedians and improv groups from Comedy Hideaway and Fishbon artists on the stage of the ballroom.

In the Humulene Canteen, attendees will be offered two beers with four appetizers to be served with each one. Please see the Additional Information (included below) for the tentative menu. The Lab will provide educational resources and different art installations from Fishbon. Attendees will get to learn about hops from beer experts, smell different hop varieties, and experiment on the various art installations around the area.

The room, Lupulin Lands, will be hosted by Santa Barbara Brewing Co. Four different variations of Santa Barbara Blonde will be served in this area. Guests will receive a full pour of the regular version and then be given tasters of three dry-hopped versions, each one using hops from one of the major hop growing regions of the world: America, Europe, and the Southern Hemisphere. This will allow them to taste the distinct character that each region has to offer.

The Myrcene Scene is the crown jewel of the event and will be held on the second floor. There are two rooms upstairs with a different beer being served in each one. Both rooms will contain audio, lighting, and projection that interact with the character of the beer. Guests will taste the beer while experiencing sights and sounds that will transform the flavors and influence how they “feel” about the beer. Hoptopia will be an event that is unparalleled to any beer festival that has been done before.



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